Friday, 4 March 2011

Kuwait Riders Bike Show 2011

This was held in Kuwait last month, organized by the Kuwait Riders. Bikers from all over the Gulf - Bahrain, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria and the UAE drove down in hordes to participate.
Though I took a few pictures while gazing at the bikes in awe, I wasn't very pleased with the results. Strangely enough, none of the usual Kuwait based bloggers (except my mommy) seem to have covered it and it seemed a pity to deny the world a look at such jaw dropping artistic masterpieces. Marvel at the custom made prized possessions of these aficionados (click to enlarge).

Flashback: My first day in Pune (India), I was astonished to see both male and female scooterists and bikers all over the city cover their faces with handkerchiefs and scarves. Later I learned this was to protect their faces from dust, pollution, glaring sunlight and being spotted by family members (if they're girls out with their boyfriends, sometimes even vice versa). 
But this? This is more like it.

Jagged. Loved the shadow of those rims.

There were wolves..


even a guy trapped in a bike.

Flashback: Fast and the Furious of course! I may be an illiterate when it comes to these beauties, but everyone knows what THAT means. Sweeet! I went crazy taking pictures of it.

Same bike, other side. Complete with glint of sunlight ;) 
Duly noted. On the body of a Suzuki (I'm guessing).

If I could have a bike, I'd want that Hayabusa.
It's purrtyy.. in a wild sense.

The helmets were insane too. 
Be safe, wear one if a bike/scooter is your mode of transportation.
Especially if you live in Pune.
Imagine riding with something like that on your noggin =D
You'd be the talk of the town for sure.