The Kuwaiti Diaries

Whoever says there isn't much to do in Kuwait except eat three thousand calorie meals and ransack the malls for the latest collections ten times over armed with fifteen or so credit cards is an unimaginative bozo.

Outdoor Excursions/Pure Unadulterated Fun:

a much overdue and awesome trip to failaka. (day trip to Failaka Island)
flying. shrieking. swearing. pleading. (bungee-jumping at Sha'ab Leisure Park)
Before I Die - Crossing off the first (spa day at Crowne Plaza's Spa Aquatonic)
an eventful weekend

Music Events (mostly at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah):

music that moves you
revelation at DAI: must learn spanish, must visit spain!
Live Painting & Music: Ganga Mix ft. Heol at GUST Kuwait

Events, glitzy and otherwise:

the traffic jam of my dad's dreams
Tedx Safat, Kuwait: Ideas Worth Spreading.. indeed!
Japanese Celebrations at Souq Sharq (revelation: must visit Japan!)
A Night to Remember: Iszonica Fashion Show
Kuwait Riders Bike Show 2011
a glorious sight to behold. (Short video of the splendid fireworks at Kuwait Towers to mark 50 years of independence from Britain and 20 years of liberation from Iraq)
the dazzling affair & the unquenchable thirst: Kuwait's Record-Breaking Fireworks Display


Apollo riding back
the biggest bloomin' roses
The Sanctuary that Once was

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