Saturday, 26 February 2011

a glorious sight to behold.

We all know that a picture 'speaks a thousand words.'
But what about a video?

Just a glimpse of the splendiferous fireworks over and on the sea, right by Kuwait Towers. I can't figure out how they managed to do that, so beautifully coordinated too. I love these colours and how their reflection is illuminating the dark expanse of sea.
The traffic was horrendous; it took us over an hour to get there and we missed quite a bit of the laser show on the towers but the finale was worth it.

Congratulations Kuwait on 50 years of Independence and 20 of Liberation!

I converted the video to upload it faster, hence the poor quality. The real thing is way better, but my cantankerous internet connection won't hear of it. My apologies.


  1. nvrmind d resolution d video was gud! thanx 4 sharing!

  2. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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  3. Truly splendiferous! :OD Was an awesome sight to witness. Feel sorry for those who decided to travel and feel sorrier for those who lived here and missed it completely. Thanks for sharing.

  4. @nabanita: i am reassured to know it didn't ruin the glimpse for you :)
    @anon: I'm sorry I don't quite get what you mean!
    @LWDLIK: ah who knows when we'll be treated to such a sight here again! Yea poor schmucks, lucky for them that KTV covered the whole thing! :D

  5. Congratulations Kuwait!

    I LOVE fireworks ♥

  6. The fireworks were stupendously wonderful :) definitely a sight to behold.

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