Thursday, 24 February 2011

a flashback, a social media success story and a craving for doughnuts.

I was never too fond of doughnuts. A little doughnut franchise in Bombay changed that.

Mad Over Donuts. (M.O.D.)

Their doughnuts (I can't bring myself to spell it as donuts) redefine delicious. They are unbelievably and irresistibly scrumptious. My cousins introduced me to M.O.D. during my stay in Bombay at my aunt's place. We'd go to the Juhu branch at midnight (funnily enough I've never been there earlier) with my Khalu (mom's sister's husband) and spend about twenty minutes debating on the flavours and delectable appearance of the batch displayed and finally select two each. In a couple of minutes there would be no trace left of them except for the melted chocolate smeared around our (my) mouths and this too would miraculously vanish as our tongues were stretched out to the limit to get every speck of frosting that had escaped, back into those salivary glands.

The bff and I, about to dig in.
My flavour? 'Color Me Bad' - sprinkles on melted hazelnut chocolate. Deeelish.

Then, heaving huge contented sighs, we'd select another dozen or so doughnuts for the rest of the family at home. The family at home receive their wares joyfully, and hurriedly call dibs on their favourite flavours and put the box in the fridge for the next day (as it is now past 2 am). Unfortunately they never get to sink their teeth into the ones of their choice (or at all) as by morning, there are just a couple of doughnuts left from the dozen, the rest having been devoured up in the dead of night. The perpetrators are blameless of course. It is not their fault. You cannot leave a boxful of the world's most heavenly goodies unguarded and expect it to remain untouched, lying in wait for you.

If I'm not wrong, this is the first and only Indian brand of doughnuts. And oh boy, their lil hole 'n ones are the best in the whole friggin' world.

What makes them the best?
1) Great service and fresh stock even at 1 am (which is when they close for the day).
2) Home delivery till midnight.
3) They have awesome promotions - buy 2 for Rs. 99 and get a cappuccino free, buy 9 get 3 free.. We'd never leave with less than a dozen.
5) No one makes doughnuts like them. NO ONE. Not Dunkin', not Krispy Kreme.. Do you dig? NO ONE! Formidable competition to say the least.

Besides that?
The marketing is bloody brilliant.
Never having lived in Bombay, I can only comment on the internet marketing. Being a marketing graduate, I am in awe. The website kicks traditional out on the street. M.O.D. has positioned itself as fun and extremely lovable and that's the secret behind its mass appeal (the vision statement will tell you all you need to know). From cute graphics to an extensive and intelligent play on words (employees are called M.O.D. Partners-in-Crumbs), the offbeat site is pretty darn neat.

I haven't even started on their Facebook page. It has GOT to be my favourite company fanpage. Judging from the escalating fanbase, it's a significant contributor to building their brand equity.
What's so special about it? The entire page brims with creativity. It's fun. It's interactive. There are promotions and contests specifically targeted towards Facebook fans, pictures just for the page (this one being my personal favourite), endearing status messages that encourage fans to partake and express their ardent love for doughnuts while M.O.D reciprocates the love.
Their recent status message inspired me to blog about them.
"We like the 'likes' of you!"
That dear readers, is how a brand should use social media.

Now, I languish for a Color Me Bad.
M.O.D. needs to expand to the Gulf. Starting with Kuwait.

Picture courtesy: Logo 'borrowed' from M.O.D.'s Facebook page. I'm sure they won't mind :)


  1. Yumminess! :)

    Thank you so much for voting and for your comment on my blog! Such a lovely suggestion and I shall work on just that along with some other suggestions I have gotten...I'm on it!

    Liesl :)

  2. mmm I want some MOD doughnuts now and I don't even LIKE doughnuts...

  3. @Liesl: It's yumminess personified! :D
    Sounds great! I look forward to seeing your posts :)
    @wjcsydney: I went into the shop with the same thought. And then they converted me :)

  4. Cute blog! I really love your header!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  5. You had me at melted hazelnut chocolate! Sounds sooo good! Stopped over from Travel Babbles blog hop and really glad I did!

  6. Oh!!
    Yeah, I love M.O.D.
    Hazel Dazzle,Dark Knight..And the chocolate filled Double trouble!!


  7. @Veronica: Thanks a lot :) will definitely pop by your blog.
    @TexaGermaNadian: Sigh I can just taste. mmm. Thanks for visiting :)
    @The Blue Periwinkle: I was always a sucker just for the Color Me Bad. Everyone in my family is crazy over the Chocolate Bomb though :)
    The names are so apt and hit the nail right on the head. BAM!!

  8. Anyone who loves doughnuts is awesome! I'm popping by from FTLOB to share some love...and now I need a doughnut.

    I work as a social worker and I get lost a lot -somehow miraculously there would always be a Tim Hortons (Canada's best donuts) wherever I found myself and a walnut crunch doughnut was a daily treat for me! My second butt is the evidence to prove it.

    Lovely blog - I hope to travel to India someday!!! When the kids move out! ;-)

  9. oh wow. i am now craving donuts like, really bad. too bad MOD is too far away! i'll have to find a place just as good in Boise!


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