Before I Die

So, like everyone else, I have a list too. Since I was 8 (or 10).
I was actually inspired by a Reader's Digest article (50 Things To Do Before I Die). A few things have been crossed out, numero uno being turning 18 (such a big deal then heaven knows why), learning how to drive (I kinda know, my foot gets a lil complacent on the accelerator and refuses to budge from there to the brake.. but that totally counts), jetskiing (aiite!!) etc while with others unfinished business still remains.

I never got to 50 things though. I couldn't think of that many things I wanted to do. And now, the number seems of little of importance. Why limit myself to 25 or 30? As I think of stuff I want to do, on the list it shall go. The list is subject to revision (say if I get old and staid and am in danger of heart failure on pursuing one/more of the below listed activities.. oh Lord, save me from such a fate) and there is no time constraint. Except in the event of 'passing on', of course. That would be a bummer.

Enough dawdling. Here's the list.

1. Snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.
Yea I know most people say they wanna go scuba diving, but I wanna snorkel. And it seems fitting to do it there, doesn't it? I'll go scuba diving after, I promise.

2. I think before I take care of 1, I'll need to learn how to swim first. 
I knew how to when I was 9, but I forgot. I forget a lot.
3. Speak French fluently
I can read it, understand quite a bit (of what I read) but my accent SUCKS. Blame the teachers at my school.
4. Spend a day at a spa.. DONE!!
5. Go to Paris, and while at the Louvre, check out what the hell is so awesome about the totally overrated Mona Lisa and yell out, 'she's fugly!'

6. Bungee jumping. 
Without the family ever coming to know.
7. Cliff diving! 
8. Sit in a car while it's going through an automatic carwash =D
9. Make a trip to England with mommy dearest and pay homage to all the British writers I worshiped as a child and now as an adult (of sorts) 
Roald Dahl, CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, Enid Blyton, Richmal Crompton, Beatrix Potter and probably JK Rowling. And Oscar Wilde of course. *bows reverently*

10. Do Rome the way it should be done. On a Vespa with a hot Italian guy (since I can't have Gregory Peck). I'm driving.
11. Get published... often.
12. Somehow transform this blog into a phenomenon of the blogging world. 
Atleast get a hell lotta stalkers that COMMENT *hint hint*
13. Make snow angels, have a snowball fight.. and ooh tobogganing! 
I've only seen snow from the window of a plane - Mt. Kilimanjaro's snow capped peak on the way to Zimbabwe.
14. Own an awesomely expensive fabulous warm coat that gets awed, jaw dropping expressions.
Shopkeepers laugh at me when I ask for boots in my size *mentally tramples them with her imaginary scarlet suede boots*
I'd like to add that boots from Marks and Sparks have a weird fit. They're loose on the left and tight on the right.
16. Go under the sea in a submarine and look through the periscope =D
17. Attend a Maksim Mrvica concert.
18. Spend a night out stargazing through a telescope.
19. Yell my lungs out at a FIFA (preferably finals but heck I won't be picky) match live at the stadium (duh). 
If and only if one of my favourite teams is playing (duh again).
20. Cruise the Mediterranean.

21. Amble through Sherwood Forest. 
With the thought that Robin Hood and his Merry Men are in there somewhere.
22. Dress up as an anime character for a cosplay event, preferably in Japan =D 
I haven't yet decided who I'd want to impersonate.
23. Capture lightning on camera.
24. Master a sport.
25. Parasailing.
26. Indulge in Japanese food.
Would you believe there are over a dozen Japanese restaurants here and not a single one of my moronic friends is game to check 'em out? You know who you are x-(
27. Make atleast one trip to some exotic place with my girlfriends.

28. Have my own library with rolling ladders
 'wheeeeeeeeeing' past the shelves that reach up to the ceiling. Like the way Belle does in the bookshop in Beauty and the Beast! =D
29. Volunteer.
30. Make a meaningful difference in somebody's life.
31. Watch a movie at the drive-in.
32. Get a puppy (undecided on the breed).  

Pictures: Google of course.
Some random dude leaping.
Audrey Hepburn and the gorgeous and versatile Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday, 1953
Take a better look at those heart stopping scarlet suede boots here
Robin Hood and His Merry Men - Edward Warren George, 1859
Disney's Beauty and the Beast (like you didn't know it)


  1. Wow i dint know so much about u! I love ur fabulous list!!...we shud book a spa date together babe...Ahhh I need the the luxury treatment lol

  2. What? That I didn't know how to swim? :P
    Yea we sooo should *sigh* budget some dough specifically for that your next trip here ;)

  3. Awesome list, hope i can fulfill your England part :P you can come with your mom. And yes we can holiday there so some girlfriend fun... and the best part come when it snows :))
    so we get done with 3 things in your TO DO LIST.

  4. Babe great look to your blog .... I totally love it...

  5. England can hardly be called an exotic destination to escape to :P
    thanks :)

  6. Even though I'm a straight (but not narrow :P) guy, I can't help but agree with almost all of your bucket list items. Sigh. It's good to see one's thoughts echoed like this. Saves a lot of effort. Good going though!

  7. After reading your comment, I went through the list again to see which ones you might be referring to. I imagine the yearning for boots isn't one of them :P

  8. And while you are bowing reverently to O.W do it for me as well.


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