Tuesday, 8 February 2011

smell your soap.. and test it too

Do you ever look at the testers of liquid hand soap and wonder, 'how on earth am I supposed to 'test' that stuff without water??'
I do.
I thought the same when I saw the shelves and shelves of Bath and Body Works' liquid soap of all kinds of delicious varieties - grapefruit, cherry blossom, midnight pomegranate etc. Each type had a tester bottle. What for?

But then, while looking at the moisturizing creams, I saw this.


Browsing through a store like this entails sniffing and dabbing ones' palms with scented creams, lotions, spritzing wrists with body mists and sprays and at the end of the scrutiny one might smell something like a BABW outlet herself. A wash basin within with a varied choice of aromatic soaps is very welcome. Naturally, I washed my hands so they were redolent of the essence of pink grapefruit. [I have a thing about clean hands (and for pink grapefruit). They NEED to be clean. At all costs. And the tiles were pretty :)]

Why did Bath and Body Works take so long to get here? It beats its competitors (the ones here anyway) by a mile and a half. It's difficult to resist the gorgeous whiffs emanating from the store on walking by it, scents so pleasing to the ol' snout.


  1. I love BABW but can't usually justify spending $12 on a small bottle of body wash when I could get double the amount for half the price at Walmart... but sometimes I indulge and get something :) I love their lavender/vanilla pillow spray :D

  2. True BABW is pricey, which is why I always look when their products are on sale.

  3. It just opened up here so the promotions are still on ;)
    @Lindsay: I didn't come across pillow spray, will ask for it the next time I'm there! :)

  4. Damn, now i want so so badly to visit that store!!!

  5. Why has no other store thought to install a tap? It's so...obvious!

    Wish we had that store down here, it looks lovely :)

  6. PS i've tagged you with an award on my blog, i hope you have as much fun with it as i did :)

  7. WHERE???????!!!!!!!! I am a HUGE BABW fan!!! I am addicted to their Japanese Cherry Blossom series, I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I use it, I actually ask out aloud, my god what IS this thing?! :P WHERE IS THIS STORE?!

    Ok I need to calm down. :P

  8. Good Advice.... stopping by from around the world wednesday!

    New Follower! <3


  9. @smalltown_girl: tell me about it :P
    @thefancyflea: I thought the same thing when I saw it first! Why didn't The Body Shop ever think of that?
    @Ice Maiden: In Kuwait. Sorry babe :P
    @Lisa: Aww thank you for following.. glad to have you on board! :)


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