Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The girl smiled peacefully in her sleep, dreaming a lovely dream.

Little did she know she was being watched.

The observer rubbed her hands in glee. She had just found her next victim. The ones in deep, sweet sleep were always the ones that gave her the most satisfaction. Never being entitled to the pleasure of losing herself in a dream, she felt she had the right to crush the ones of those that did.
Jealously, she looked at the inert girl and tried to speculate what fantasy the latter's subconscious might be conjuring up but she couldn't, being cursed with a dreamless sleep.

She smiled cruelly and struck.

The girl didn't know what hit her. She stirred, her dream shattering.

Drunk on the successful implementation of her nefarious plot, the evil intruder flew off, leaving no trace of her visit except for a tiny swelling on the girl's elbow.

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