Friday, 22 April 2011

a penitent letter to a patient soul

Dear blog,

I've missed you. No really, I have. How could I not seeing as how you're such an integral part of my existence now? An ideal friend that accepts everything I say. I harbour a deep affection for you. And what do I get for it? A drastically altered, extremely aggravating and very drab new version of Blogger.
You may feel abandoned but the truth is I wanted to shelter you from the drudgery that life deals out to one from time to time.
We needed a break - atleast I did - to mull things over.
And now baybeh, I'm back with a bang.

I refrained from mentioning to you that I joined the Toastmasters in Feb. My first meeting at the Bright Horizons club as a guest was lovely to say the least and I joined the same hour. Though the purpose of the TM is to improve communication and oratory skills, I became a member 'coz it looked like so much FUN! The people were so warm and gracious that it developed a want in me to belong to something like that. And I proudly announce my membership to anyone I encounter and encourage them to check out the club by attending a meeting.
There are various roles in a TM meeting that can be played by different members which eliminates the possibility of a humdrum, monotonous, formal atmosphere that could have befallen upon one. It's not limited to mastering the art of public speaking but developing a creative streak through the desire to do things differently and the creativity that stems out from within because of it. In the last meeting I was the Grammarian (representative of the grammar police) and oh MAN did I love it. I could do it everyday for the rest of my life..

So far this year's been an awesome one to catch up with old friends I haven't spoken to, let alone seen in years. I've met atleast five and with each of them, it was just as where we left off
Towards the end of March I started an intership at a used bookstore. It's going smoothly. My boss is all heart :) and I love being surrounded by books. I've come to perceive them as bits of people - a smidgen of their lives, their souls, exposed to the world. I've dived headfirst into social media marketing by creating and handling the store's Facebook page. It grows... slowly but surely. Still got plenn'y learning to do though.

The sister and I hit the stores with sales today. Nothing special really. I loved the visual merchandising in River Island - an artificial tree with shoes suspended from the branches right at the entrance :D Very quaint. But the store we went totally bananas in was Desigual. O. M. G. There were tees and jeans hanging from rods in the ceiling, clothes set out to dry. Super awesome innovative idea. The entire collection is like an explosion of colors - the wackiest harem pants in the craziest combination of rich gorgeous hues.. We usually never waste time in stores that are overpriced, but we saw every single piece that place had to offer.
It was fun hanging out with the sister - despairing over the wretched taste of the designers who came up with the most absurd collections, slurping up frozen yogurt from Ikea, sneaking food into the fitting rooms, falling in love over and over again with the pretty floral print tops that are the rage again as they are every spring..

My dear sweet blog.. my own.. my precious. I've been reading a lot too. One of the benefits of working in a bookstore is that I can borrow anything I like ;) From Archies (my stress buster) to The Pictorial History of the SS. Super innit?

But that in no way means I will isolate you again. I am, and always will be, your beloved

 purple moonbeam



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