Sunday, 21 April 2013

dedicated to the favourite blogger

For the writer, the runner, the feedback giver, the editor, and the friend—Lord Aymz.

You've done and achieved so much just during the two years I've known you: launched MyBloogle and the Q8 Foot Soldiers, had several articles published, were interviewed by a newspaper and a magazine, ran a freaking 42K in record time! I've met more than a dozen equally amazing people through you, half of whom I'm glad to call my friends.

I admire your commitment to betterment in all that you delve into, and especially admire your fearlessness in expressing your beliefs and your refusal to sit back and accept injustice. 

You inspire me to be a confident and consistent blogger, a determined runner, and a better Muslim. I can honestly say that my life in Kuwait has been enriched since I recognized your email that day at Better Books—so thankful I did!

Happy Birthday A! I wish you every happiness today, and plenty more in the years to come. May you achieve all that you strive for, inshallah. 


  1. Awwww....

    Much love Z!

    you forgot COMEDIAN though! I mean, I know that to you on a scale of 1 - 10 my suckiness was at 6, but come on :P I'm trying!


  2. That's so sweet of you, I also learned about Q8 Foot Soldiers from you. I do hope to join them if they organize evening runs Happy Birthday Lord Aymaz for inspiring us all to be a better version (and healthier) of ourselves

    1. You should join us on Friday mornings, it's beautiful by the beach at 7.30...and then we'll finally get to meet! :D They do run on Tuesdays as well (I only do Friday mornings for now), keep checking the Q8FS Facebook page for updates.

    2. thank you so much Sheikha, PR hastold us of how amazing you are, and we would be looking forward to welcoming you into the folds of the FootSoldiers sometime soon :)

  3. Thank you Purple Moonbeam, now that's a great incentive for me to come :)I will definitely try to make it.


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