Sunday, 16 June 2013

dedicated to diva undecided.

The day I met you, I thought, "God, she's so cool."

And you are. You are hands down the sweetest, coolest girl I've met in Kuwait.

We've been friends a few months at best, but after spending time with you, whether panting by your side during the Friday morning runs, or conversing while we stuff our faces with delicacies in a restaurant or samosas and chai in Souk Safat, I've gotten to know you a lot better and now look up to you like you're my older sister (stop taking this in the wrong spirit; it's not like I said you're a wise old aunt!).

It was with you and only because of you that I made my greatest and most cherished achievement so far in 2013: completing a 5k run. A memory that always reverberates in my head when I'm running and feel like I can't go on is this: you once asked me how I was doing during a run and I said, in between my gasps for air, that I'm good. And you said, 'you're not good, you're excellent.' This pretty much sums up the positivity that you exude that is such an inspiration to me. It keeps me going and reaffirms my faith in myself.

One thing I admire about you is that you prioritize and manage your time like a boss! You're committed to so many different things yet manage to keep everyone involved happy. And no matter how long your day has been or how little sleep you've had, you're always ready with your infectious smile, and it never fails to lighten my mood.

You're one of the few people I know that is so in touch with their humanity. I have never met any girl as empathetic as you in Kuwait. Each of the Q8FS inspires me in different ways—you inspire me to do good and be good, and I love you for it.

Happy Birthday chameli. Here's to tons more conversations, runs, and disastrous musicals. 

(for Diva Undecided)


  1. Little do you know that during that 5 k was me who needed more of that constant reminder to keep moving to reach the end and secretly you provided me that solace to continue

    Little do you know that our effortless random ramblings whether over chai at the questionable corner desi stand or during rushed morning rides to footsies on a friday while worrying about facing Ayman ( I know :) ) were my personal treats for some much needed girl time …desi style

    Little do you know that you, in so many ways, serve as an unrivaled reminder on the essence of refreshing changes

    Little do you know that it is extremely easy to being close to good around awesome people like you.

    And there is no way I can look at “ being called an older sister” in anyway but good..for a dual fold reason, one being that age is a privilege only a few of us are allowed so it seems almost wrong to not celebrate and complain about it ( yes..thats some mid eve wisdom I just dropped for you :P ) and two being, I just make Old look soo good ( ooooh yea …ok tooting my own horn much)

    I heart you oodles chikni. Im glad we met after high school …again and found each other ..yet again ..wait is this a public forum ..* goes and hides behind the couch



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