Monday, 22 July 2013

learning creative compassion - published pieces (July)

If you're observing Ramadan, I hope you're having a productive month!

Keeping in tune with the essence of this holy month, my piece on Learning Creative Compassion was published in bazaar magazine's July-August issue. Read bazaar's digital issue here. If you prefer to peruse a physical copy, you're likely to find one at your local Starbucks.

I crave constructive criticism; do share your thoughts in a comment below.

And yes, I'm back. Torrential outburst of posts coming up.


  1. Nikhil my sentiments exactly..finally!

  2. Just read the article, I think you really should consider creating an instagram account now. The masses of people in Kuwait have long abandoned Twitter and Facebook and Instagram is where things seems to happen. Once you craete an account, even for just curiosity's sake, I will tag your name to several accounts of people who are making a huge difference. From distributing healthy food at the children's canecer hospital to fund raisers and charity events. They are just normal people who got together to create a better world and a better Kuwait, but their deeds are so inspiring and actions so gratifying.

    1. Your comment intrigued me. This is the first time I've heard of Instagram being used for such worthwhile endeavours. This is the kinda stuff I want to be more involved in. Will create an account soon :) Thanks!

  3. I am glad please do look me up. @sheikha_altourah


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