Wednesday, 25 August 2010

for those who've forgotten..

When was the last time you

slid down a slight inclined plane with a 'wheeeee!'?
didn't run for cover when it poured and just held your face up letting the raindrops caress your face?
danced when you heard your favourite song no matter the place?
ate watermelon straight to the rind?
balanced on a tilted sewer lid pretending you were skateboarding?
heard the satisfying *crunch* of dried up leaves as you stepped on them?
took in deep whiffs of the delicious aroma that emanates from when rain becomes one with scorched earth?
didn't take calls on your cellphone while having a conversation with a friend or a family member?
intentionally wore outrageously coloured footwear(think orange!) on a very sober outfit?
did an all nighter playing board games?
didn't worry about what disease you might pick up post mosquito bite and just let off steam calling it a lesbian or a horny bugger?
drank freshly squeezed orange juice?
spent a day not worrying/complaining/thinking about money?
let the wind ruffle your hair without getting mad about it?
ran for the heck of it? (a treadmill doesn't count)
didn't do a mental calorie count while scrutinizing a restaurant menu and just ordered and gorged 'coz you could?
sang in the shower without fretting over getting to work on time?
basked in the moonlight?
let the wild demon within loose not caring what people thought of you?

Fun doesn't always have to be paid for. Don't allow societal norms to BE the norm. Relearn how to take pleasure in the small things in life; don't allow your job to take over your life. Let your demon loose!* :D

*sing the exclamatory remark to the tune of 'Let My People Go' xD


  1. Hmmmmmm..... all the lovely things u mentioned i used to do wid ur mom... how tym flies. We do diff kind of fum things dat r not on ur list like the tym when we were stopped by cops while returning from Hard rock n our car was searched lol, or the tym when we went crazy in panchi or the other cafe (london bus one) where ppl dint wanna noe us lolllll. Or the tym where we acted as though we were attending a t party at lifestyles sadly no tea arrived :( I loved ur blog keep writing and keep me posted tc love u babes

  2. aww khala.. it does bring back some awesome times :)

  3. This is Lovely Mizzzu...You can add more to the list which is done by yours Truly:
    1. Going out at 3 Am in the Night on the Over bridge front of Wadias and singing out loudlyto your fav song.
    2.Or doing the same in the middle of the Traffic with friends for Chorus Accompaniment.
    3.Having Hot Hot rasogolas or coooold Rabdi or ur normal Dairy Milk & flowing in the exact rhythm its affect on Ur Taste Buds.

    Will update you more later. :)

  4. 4. Or singing paisa paisa on the college terrace.. or on the podium in an empty conference hall xD

  5. Very beautifully written :)
    i wud like to add
    1. Being home alone watching a movie sitting on your fav couch with lots to eat n drink to your disposal.
    2. Playing video games all through the nite with taking rounds to kill the boss.

  6. or sticking his pic up and shooting poisoned darts at it xD

  7. or busting an uncoordinated dance move on a song without ppl thinkin u lost it?...

    eating pani puri yum!

    reading all ur fav. novels over and over...


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