Saturday, 28 August 2010

whatcha thinkin'? huh? HUH?

Today's issue of DNA After Hours had a teeny article - '10 thoughts we have every single day'. None of these has ever occurred to me.

1. Work should start later in the day.
Why? So it gets over even later?

2. Why is office coffee so bad yet so addictive?
Obviously because your taste buds have failed you.

3. Today I will diet.
Oh puh-leez. Nobody EVER says today. People live for today.

4. Why do they put round pizzas in square boxes?
So you can't toss 'em like frisbees.

5. My boss hates me and it's probably a personal vendetta and nothing to do with how much time I spend surfing the internet instead of working.
Ya think?

6. Why does my mum think that when I say 'bye' I'm actually saying 'talk more about unimportant things?'
Must be 'coz your brain has failed you too.

7. I wonder what Pune would be like without any traffic.
Then it wouldn't be Pune now would it?

8. Work should end earlier in the day.
First bright thought you've had all day.

9. Why isn't there ever anything good to watch on TV?
Coz you're too thick to think of reallocating the money you spend on cable to a top notch internet connection with unlimited downloading.

10. I shouldn't have had so much coffee today.
Probably. It doesn't seem to have done much for you.

Seriously? Is this what people think of EVERY SINGLE DAY?? Jesus!!

Two things that should have been topmost on that ridiculous list are so blatantly obvious, I can't believe the author didn't include them.

Wondering if:
- anyone called/messaged while you were getting some shut eye,
- you got any notifications on Facebook.

Tell me atleast 98% of the urban world doesn't think that and I'd say you were full of.. well you know. If you don't have a Facebook account, you're not part of the urban world anyway so you don't count.

Anyways, I gave it a thunk. What thoughts do I have every single day that others may or may not share besides the two just mentioned?

1. Why must every idiot on earth call on the landline or ring the doorbell on the same day and keep me from sleeping in peace?

2. I've already completed my mba you moron so quit sending me messages about your stupid masters' programs!

3. It's so pleasant and green out.. gonna miss the view.

4. Why won't those blasted pigeons find somebody else's balcony to excrete in! Darn them all to heck!

5. I wish every rick in Pune that tried to con some innocent law abiding citizen or tried to got slapped with a whopping big fine one morning by the RTO or the traffic police.

6. What shall I watch today? Anime? Movie? Documentary?

7. When will my blog exceed the set degrees of fabulousness and get me a follower I don't know?

8. Love love LOVE this wi fi connection.

9. I should so blog about that! Dayam, have I got it bad.

10. I must be cutting myself in my sleep 'coz I have no memory of how I got that o_O

Sooo.. Yeah, I think that's about all the redundant thoughts I have.


  1. You requested a follower you don't know? TADA! I don't know you, but you sound interesting, and we have some things in common, so hey, I figured, "Why the heck not?" Then I jumped the ship of sanity, decided that we'll see how this turns out =D

  2. How weird is it that I get one the very same day? I'm so thrilled you jumped; I yelled ecstatically :D Your interests are so shockingly similar to mine.. and I guess you've mentioned almost every single Miyazaki film in your faves? :) Porco Rosso's missing. Watched it recently, loved it. Look forward to reading your blog :)

  3. Thanks for the reminder, I forgot. About Princess Mononoke, too. I know, it's shameful. *puts on dunce hat* I'll be in the corner, thinking how I could ever be so forgetful.

    Wait, what are we talking about? ;P

  4. everyday i think y cant i just sleep some more time but on sundays i automatically get up even before my regular office timings, how weird is that???

  5. coz on sunday mornings you can't wait to meet your bhai log :P

  6. HAHAHAHA....i love love love it!...and u maybe u shud write abt weird dreams tht ppl have told u or the ones u get? :P

  7. hm there's a thought.. i have trouble recalling though :P


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