Thursday, 2 September 2010

glimpses on the way home.

The view from the bridge. I stood still to take a couple of shots and suddenly got the sensation that the ground beneath my well worn sneakers was sinking, like the cement would give way any second.. it was an awesome feeling. I turned; a lorry was driving by. I traverse that bridge atleast twice daily and one day it's probably gonna collapse under the weight of those 'heavy vehicles', taking them all down with it to the murky waters below.

Don't be fooled. It's called the gutter of the city. The water's filthy.

The fascinating gap in the bridge, the fall below, paan thook and my Skechers.

No idea what these buds will blossom out into in a week or two.

Standing out..

purity and innocence.

The curving path.. in a park in KP.

All on the way home.


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