Thursday, 23 September 2010


In the city I call home*:

- Nariyal pani is the best drink around for a parched throat.
- Every rickshaw wala is out to get maximum wallet share.
- It's more trying to get into mba than to get through it.
- It's possible to love a wi fi connection more than your cellphone.
- There can be no adequate substitute for family.
- A rick will still take an extra 10 bucks to drop you to your destination even if it is on his way to home, simply coz he won't get any fare thereon to his. Truly infallible logic that I've grown tired of arguing with.
- You don't need company when you're in a store full of books with nothing but time on your hands.
- The rick will be stumped to argue if you show your fare calculation on your cell's calculator.
- My best Ramadan ever was the one during the Career Forum days, opening fasts in Brio, Crossword, with a chocolate croissant and a Calvin and Hobbes book to go with it.
- My olfactory receptors craved and smelled more often than not the aroma emanated by the rain hitting dry earth.
- You can have a hell lotta fun without spending a dime. Or a rupee.
- The retail scene out here is a joke but I'm not laughing.
- There are people out there who would go wayy out of their way for you.
- Just 'coz some restaurants are highly recommended, doesn't mean they're going to go down well with you.
- And if 'coz they're not, doesn't mean they won't.
- Turns out not all of the male species is immature.
- You canNOT hold the same expectations you've been used to in the Gulf (if you've lived in the Gulf). You're just going to have an atrocious time if you do.
- I found friends to enjoy the little things in life with and had a blast each time.
- You don't need fans atleast 6 months a year.
- Even if all good things do come to an end, it's not necessarily a bad thing.
- I'm still incapable of approaching people on my own just for the sake of making conversation. But this is changing.
- I'm also incapable of ever being on time for anything, be it a lecture or a movie.
- The view from my window has a serene effect after a spot of rain, when the foliage thrives.
- If you don't build tolerance of blatant grammatical errors on signboards, hoardings, fliers, shop windows etc, it's highly probable you'll lose your mind.
- Cornflakes is the only way to start the day. And sometimes, end it.
- Bugs cannot be avoided. Mosquitoes can, with Odomos. And if you do get bitten, a bit of hand sanitizer helps.
- A girl's handbag MUST carry the following: hand sanitizer, wet wipes (lots of them, 'coz as soon as you refresh yourself with one everyone else wants to too), chewing gum, hair clips, change for the rick (if you travel by rick) right down to one rupee coins, safety pins..
- Moms are always right. Pity we insist on realizing the hard way.
- Indifference, if nurtured consistently, helps in overcoming every emotional tumble without you coming out too badly.
- It's often that people comment on your weight loss as a conversation starter.
- Japanese animated films kick Disney's ass.
- I'm not as heartless as I thought I was or tried to be.
- Every bakery and cafe is clueless as to the true succulent taste of cheesecake.
- McDonalds' has the best equipped loos. Now Gold Adlabs (I refuse to call it 'Big Cinemas') does too.
- The cultural environment is one that I've never been exposed to before, making it an invaluable learning experience.
- Lived here four years now and I still sight a vegetable I've never seen before.
- There are only a handful of friends you never want to lose touch with and many more with which you can't wait to lose touch. In this case, Facebook is more often a bane than not.
- Too many people can't tell the difference between 'lose' and 'loose'.
- Time is of the essence so don't waste it preaching the difference between right and wrong to people who don't care to learn and are old enough to know better anyway.
- I've been told my train of thought somewhat resembles that of a guy's. Interesting statement.
- I have resigned myself to the fact that never will I find a pretty yet well fitting top in any Indian department store.
- Shopping from export surplus shops has a unique thrill. Especially when you pick up one of your favourite brands at less than quarter of the price.
- Some of the absolute best times I've had here are when friends or family have come down to stay.
- Every other season pales in comparison to the monsoon.
- My therapy to clear a boggled mind? An episode of Naruto Shippuuden. Provided it's not a filler. Even a Tom and Jerry (Fred Quimby ones).
- Fruit tastes better here for some odd, inexplicable reason.
- I never got to enjoy huddling in sweaters because of the inexplicably hot afternoons in the so-called winter months.
- Everytime I get home, I wash off atleast three layers of grime from my face.
- I never loved walking anywhere as much as here and it's an activity I never get tired of.
- No chocolate tastes better than Dairy Milk just rightly melted.
- No pizza tastes better than the Hawaiian Volcano at Papa John's.. now discontinued.
- No mocktail tastes better than the Sweet Sunrise at Hard Rock Cafe.. now discontinued.
- My hunger for classical music was fed by attending the concerts held by the Poona Music Society.
- The recent most fabulous memories I have of here are of Sundays, living the moment.

*Inspired by a particular bff's facebook notes :)


  1. OMG!! I am so much like you or you are so much like me...!!
    Like totally!! :O

    Except the fact that we need fans all throughout the year! :|

    Awesome post!

  2. "Time is of the essence so don't waste it preaching the difference between right and wrong to people who don't care to learn and are old enough to know better anyway."

    SO TRUEEE!!...u r so wise my friend ;)

  3. @The Blue Periwinkle: :D thank you!
    @kagome: ah the hours wasted.. :P


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