Wednesday, 22 September 2010

for Them.

With them,
I was myself,
I never found the need to withhold
I experienced and rediscovered old loves of things,
be it fine dining or stargazing, biryani or pani puri, world cinema or books,
even new,
like the deliciousness of ripe gooseberries,
and raw tamarind,
chasing butterflies,
stretching the limits of the imagination,
roaming streets,
ever ready for the unknown,
running on impulse,
free, no worries,
'hakuna matata' as the phrase goes.
There was a newfound confidence within me,
my ribcage was no longer under threat of succumbing to my heart's
incessant hammering when I faced a horde of people;
they encouraged me to write,
to participate,
and more.
From them,
I learnt more about people,
even myself,
about the male and female psyche,
how each thinks,
and doesn't think,
how to save yourself from yourself,
the art of how much to say when,
the depth of emotions,
different cultures,
maintaining relations with people,
letting go.

To them -
I pray that you accomplish everything you wish to achieve and more,
that you have fulfilling careers, rewarding lives
and remain the way you have been with me,
the sui generis that you are,
not allowing life's trials to embitter you,
but refine you.

And as the time to say dasvidaniya draws nearer,
regardless of whether we remain in touch till the end of our days,
do remember,
that I will always carry you all wherever I go.

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