Tuesday, 10 August 2010

getting the wise guys out

My lower jaw is two teeth lighter. Got my wisdom teeth extracted.

Saying it was painful is laughably naive. Since the extras decided not to grow out of my gums normally and to make life miserable for the other inhabitants of my jaw, they had to go. Surgically. Not easy believe you me. The left one was 'sleeping'. The audacity!

I've spent half my life at the dentist's so I have no qualms about getting my teeth fixed. When I was told I was to have a surgery I kinda looked forward to it. I didn't expect pain obviously 'coz of the anesthesia. I pictured my gums being incised. Slowly but surely, the dentist would 'dig' to the root and out would come the bugger..

This is how they extracted teeth in the 17th century (The Tooth extractor - Theodore Rombouts). I assure you nothing much has changed.

The right one came out nice and easy. The left one, on the other hand, was the rebellious teenager refusing to comply. It was then that the ginormous drill made a dramatic entry, the resounding vibrations almost shooting my brain straight out of my skull. It went on for a few minutes, the pain driving me crazy (yes I was under anesthesia, it was still hurting and NO it was not due to the pressure whatever the doc may say) and then the dentist pulled out my tooth and I inwardly heaved a sigh of relief. Correction. A fragment of my tooth. Back to the drill.. another fragment. Another ten minutes pass with me clawing at my palms in pain, the damn thing refusing to budge.. the dentist pulls with all his might and what happens? He loses his grip and the instrument, whatever the hell it was dashes against the roof of my mouth, scraping it and I think I would have toppled off the chair yelling if my tormentors hadn't grabbed my head telling me 'relax, it's nothing..' nothing? NOTHING?!?

Oh the pain! The ah-go-nee! The choicest profanities come to mind but I shalt not pollute the sanctity of my blog, for it is sacred. The medication has yet to take effect; I'm seriously considering taking a double dose. Or an overdose..

As it usually is in these cases, I can have lots of ice cream. So bought a box of chocolate flavoured from Naturals on the way home. When the ice melted all over my jeans I thrust the box against my cheek, the size of which is pretty close to that of the moon. Pity my entire jaw is still numb and I can barely get my mouth open.. I have to slurp it like a two year old resulting in the tablecloth becoming an unsightly mess. And after all that, it has more than a hint of blood in every spoonful.. Ugh!

On a happier note, was finally able to take the sibling for Despicable Me. Hilarious alright, but the climax was astonishingly straight out of your average Bollywood film. Full of lame cliches! Watch it and see if I'm wrong.

One of the girls: 'Wait! We can't sleep without a bedtime story!'
Gru: 'Then it's going to be a long night.'

In your face! xD

I love 'em mean.

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  1. OMG!!!...i have one sleeping tooo!!..im supposed to call my dentist and set an appt!...i forgot! LOL....and thanks for the imagery...i shall too end up sharing ur pain =P


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