Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Finally hit the bookstore yesterday with the intention to buy, not browse. and hoo boy, did I buy! Completely ravaged the classics section! Mark Twain, George Orwell, Tolstoy and a weird book that I bought on impulse, the summary of which seemed mind-boggling at the time - The Language Instinct. Wonder if it's any good. Oh and the sequel to Three Men in a Boat - Three Men on the Bummel! This is THE ONE. The ultimate. I harbour sky scraping hopes for this one. Which does not seem unwise, as the facetious misadventures (past and present as mentioned in the book) the characters get tangled up in the first are so side splittingly priceless, their arguments over various matters so unbelievably ludicrous, you feel sorry the three reach the end of their journey. Jerome K Jerome has a true flair for descriptive and humourous writing.

As of now, I'm impatiently waiting for a day when I'm not bone-tired to read at leisure, in peace, and the earth is still..

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