Wednesday, 7 July 2010

a new beginning.

So.. here it is.

The First.


After months of facing a crippling writer's block just coming up with the name. The NAME! and even then what made it wasn't my idea. Oh, woe is me!

As of now, I have no clear idea what I would like this blog to be about. I intend to go with the flow. To put you at ease, I swear never to use that taboo word, 'random'. *shudders and prays that her cognitive process never gets that debilitated*

I love watching trailers. LOVE. I enjoy that almost as much as reading Oscar Wilde witticisms, while marvelling at his ingenuity. I think that particular genre (if you may) of men is extinct. The thought, however, of meeting a man like that is quite intimidating.

I absolutely abhor the television. Or, to be more precise the incessant noise that MUST occur in every single household in three different rooms, simultaneously. Don't get me wrong I love movies. I like ads. But I loathe the absurd Indian ones though with the doting mother/wife preparing dishes or ready to eat meals for her wise mouth kids/seemingly devoted husband. And there is a desperate need for a synonym for the heavily overused word 'kitaano'. And don't get me started on the serials. How do those screenwriters get away so damn easily with their lack of inspiration by covering it with 10 shots of every conceivable actor of every single actor in the serial, zooming in of course, complete with dramatic music. and then there's the close allowing the writer more time to come up with another ridiculous plot. dhadham dhadham dhadham..
I don't understand why people can't function without that cursed box blaring in the background even if they're not watching it or have guests over. Get your eyes off the screen already! It's like their lives depend on it. I prefer choosing what I want to watch, when I want to watch it at my leisure. Which is why I have a TV but no cable. Most people's first reaction is eyes widening coupled with 'How do you survive?' I can't believe how starved people are for entertainment. People generally spend more time flipping channels than watching one!

But enough about that.

In Bombay!! *continues typing gleefully*

One of my favourite sounds is that of a vacuum sucking up crumbs. There's something immensely satisfying about the way they clatter against the inside of the metal pipe post suck-up.

This has been in drafts for days now. I was on a roll when I started. After wondering for days what on earth I was going to begin with, the creative juices were finally flowing. I wish I had started this a couple of years back at the brink of my master's. Like Betty tells Mark *all happy happy*, 'I started a blog!' and Mark replies, 'Oh great, welcome to fifty years ago!'

I love being in Bombay. *satisfied sigh* The only impediment on my path to absolute contentment is the skies turning out. Need fresh air! *gasp*

It's so rare to meet genial people especially in the material city that this is and so heartening when you do. I can hardly count the few that I've had the good fortune to cross paths with.

Roald Dahl, in The Twits, wrote something I'll never forget - that a plain person will look appealing if he/she has pleasant thoughts but even beautiful people will look ugly if their thoughts are horrid. Your face reflects what you think.

So peeps, think happy, look pretty. How flippin' gay o_O

On that note, I bid you, adieu.

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