Sunday, 18 July 2010

try this on for size

A heartbreak over a break up is overrated.

You want to know what true heartbreak is?

How about never being able to wear gorgeous shoes 'coz you're cursed till the end of your days with feet the size of split a/cs? Watching bimbos you dislike(or even your friends for that matter) flaunt them in your face? Snubbed by
salesmen who take one glance at your feet and inform you patronizingly that 'madam yeh aapko fit nahi hoga!' (Madam this won't fit you!)

After a point, the fury just gives way to despair and then dejection. I lost all hope of ever finding even a decent, forget dazzling pair to adorn my abnormally wide feet with. Finally coming to terms with fate, I tearfully said goodbye to the images of the wedges, mojris, stilettos, gladiators, pumps, boots, even bedroom slippers that were swimming in my mind. All because my ancestry could probably be traced to the Abominable Snowman.

But sometimes, there is justice.

Like the sinfully attractive red suede shoes from M&S that the world goes gaga over. *content sigh*

Or colourful ballerinas from some shop in linking road. The salesman assured me that they'd open up when i remarked it was a snug fit. A bit too snug. But well worth the initial shoe bites! If the shoe fits even remotely.. shut up and buy it!

*another content sigh*

There must be others out there like me right? If there can be plus sizes for clothes why not for shoes? This is a niche market that needs its share of attention. Someone pay heed!


  1. I feel ur pain!!...*sigh*...seriously whoever comes up wid plus size shoes is gonna be rich over night!..

  2. I have big feet too.. but luckily u get these sizes where I live, cheaply in the market and branded stores too. I've always had a problem w/ sizes in India.

  3. "All because my ancestry could probably be traced to the Abominable Snowman"- I second that :P

  4. @kagome and Dez: i'm glad i'm not alone! maybe we should start a business together ;) no one will know what the niche wants better than us!
    @kas: shut up :P


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