Thursday, 29 July 2010

the long and winding queue

My spirits sank as I saw the mile long queue snaking around the building. With a heavy heart, I joined it. Atleast it wasn't raining.

Queues are great equalizers. If they're positioned in front of Pune University that is. No matter whether you've slogged in engineering or breezed through commerce, an under grad or post, how fabulous/pathetic your college is or how great your institute's placement scene is (or isn't) if your institution(aren't they all that) is affiliated to the city's university you have to stand in that damned queue for a minimum 2.5 hours with some 5000 people in front of you if you want that scrap of paper called a degree certificate to mark the end of youth and the end of the torturous existence of being a student. Unless of course you've got a jobless friend(baqra imo) who's willing to stand in line for you coz you've got way better things to do with your precious hours.

I didn't.

Shogun FINALLY downloaded! Been waiting for someone to put up the series for two years now. Watched the first episode of Pillars of the Earth last night. I haven't read the book though it's been strongly recommended to me. I tried alright! I couldn't go past the first page so I have no idea whether the series is faithful. But it does hold promise even if it is full of the usual Middle Ages England cliches - fight over throne, political instability, Church thirsting for power and manipulating for the same, scheming gentry, starving commoners, bitter winter.. same old same old. It's a bit reminiscent of Shogun (the book) surprisingly.

Glad I have some good stuff to look forward to. Gossip Girl was numbing my brain.

Today's revelation: It's painful to have pistachios if your nails are clipped short. Real short.


  1. i swear i commented.. this is sooo bizarre!! ur blog deletes comments on its own.. freaky!!!!


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