Thursday, 15 July 2010

The younger sibling fell ill last night. High fever, regurgitations and if that wasn't enough, she fainted while getting into the elevator and gave my mom a near heart attack, her high pitched screams probably sending the dead into shock. Got the sibling admitted, my poor dear mother needing hospitalization more in my opinion.

One thing I miss back home is the family. The loving aunts, the jovial uncles, the sporting cousins. I don't think we realize how soothing it is to be able to count on them sometimes instead of always having to go it on our own. And when we shift base once again, it's going to be hard.

Back to the clinic. My sister was put on the drip and was asleep. My mother, frantic with worry, desperately whispering to me that she would not survive if the blood test results gave proof of the diseases going around by those dratted insects, left to obtain the same. After almost 20 hours of barely any sleep passing the night trying to get her fever down, I settled my abused self onto one of those office chairs in the counselling room, the back rest reclining quite decently, kicking my feet up on another chair and declaring myself dead to the world around me. There were glimpses of faces throwing me peculiar stares from the waiting area for an hour or so, until a nurse had the good sense to close the door, and then, I was gone. Head lolling, I was rudely awakened an hour later to clear out, to make way for the doctor. I forgot to mention I was dozing in her office.

The sibling's made a quick recovery by the way. So has mommy dearest. Either of her daughters falling ill is more of a risk to her life than ours. So much melodrama.

But, all's well :)

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  1. haha! u captured ur mom so well! thoughts exactly...poor mommmy..hehe


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