Sunday, 25 July 2010

there and back again.

So I got home yesterday and ecstatically reunited with my laptop and internet connection. It's like the keys embraced my fingertips..

I'll miss the time spent in Bombay though. The nightly banter that would carry on well into the wee hours of the morning, the hypnagogic afternoons that followed, the sporadic trips downtown of which the ambulatory exploration of Colaba causeway stands out distinctly - the countless stalls selling items such as tees with weird slogans, wannabe antique curios (fish and turtle shaped gold locks over which I freaked), Cafe

Mondegar(be a dear and forgive the terrible pic, courtesy my cellphone) and the illustrations canvassing its walls(and the pitchers, and the mugs..) had me fascinated the whole time we were there. And then of course, there was the drive down the sea link.. FINALLY! After years of longing and anticipation, watching it stand there, incomplete, I was finally seeing the city from the other side..! Spectacular ride by nightfall.

And how could I forget that lunch at JW? The mirth that the repartee was full of, the lame pictures, the drooling over the cakes and the lesson that I will never learn, to hell with the main course - keep room for dessert!

Back to here.

I read Animal Farm last night. About time or so my aunt let on. Disturbing how easily the wretched animals are misled, made to believe that what they are doing is for their own good. It's an allegory of the communist regime in the Soviet Union but can apply pretty much to disguised dictatorships prevalent today. How much of what we see on the news is actually the truth or just a fabrication of the same or what the politicians want us to think? How much do we unconsciously absorb believing it's the truth getting brainwashed instead? For that matter, how could you tell you were being told blatant lies? People put their faith in strangers, trusting them to better their world. Why would you trust a stranger so implicitly? When your own can deceive you?

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